The bark of plants which contain fibres which can be used for cordage or matting are referred to as bast fibres. Among Bast Fibre crops are Jute, Flax, Ramie, Kenaf, nettle and of course Hemp.

Hemp as a foodstuff is contained in many products. Hemp can be used in the manufacture of a range of clothing and accessories.

But is as a natural building material that the use of hemp is growing in popularity.

One of those responsible for the revival in popularity in Hemp building is environmental design consultants and natural builder Steve Allin who lives in the south west of Ireland.

Steve’s book first published in 2005 is a fantastic resource for anyone looking at using hemp in their building project and a key resource in my own library. Happy to announce that Steve has just published a second edition in 2012. The book is available directly from Steve’s site

Building with Hemp - Steve Allin. Second Edition

Building with Hemp – Steve Allin. Second Edition












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