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Shannon and Dean Acheson are a Canadian Couple who operate a the blog www.akadesign.ca. They are DIY addicts who like to share their thrifty ideas for interior design.   They recently wrote an eBook entitled Welcome Home.

WELCOME HOME – Tips, tricks & ideas for creating a beautifully cosy home is  full of tips, tricks and ideas for creating a beautifully cosy home.

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Much like other books, Welcome Home is broken up into sections: Begin at the Beginning, Inspiration and Preparation, and Nitty Gritty.

Begin at the Beginning tells you what to do first. Where to start creating a beautifully cozy home. The do’s and don’ts of decorating as well as 3 elements that make for a great space.

Inspiration and Preparation leads you to a few sources of inspiration and then once you’ve found inspiration, we tell what to do with it and how to use it.

And finally the third section gets to the Nitty Gritty hands on decorating with small space decorating ideas, budget decorating tricks and bargain shopping tips. We also include our how-to step-by-steps for finishing furniture (plus a great resource for refinishing furniture like the pros), plus what to have in your decorator tool box and a whole list of 30-minute home improvement projects

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