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Welcome to the House Design Online website. You are possibly here because like me you want to design the home that you will live in and you want to do that in the most affordable and sustainable way possible.

To embark on the design on possible design of your own home is an adventurous step. You will quickly realise that you cannot do it all on your own. However with the right help you can take control of the project.

That is why I created this website, to make available the resources you will need to hand to design and build your own house. By being well equipped with the knowledge and skills to design and build your own home, you can as I did design and build your own home.

It may be necessary of course to engage professional advice along the way, particularly when it comes to obtaining planning permission or complying with the building code or regulations for your area. However, you can still remain in control.

We like to choose the clothes that we wear based on comfort, style or cost. A well chosen garment will stand the test of time. Likewise with our homes. Modern homes aren’t always comfortable. Either too hot or too cold. Houses in general have become like boxes, designed for eating and sleeping in and  but not really designed got “living in”, adequate perhaps at the time for a young couple but unsuited for the needs of a growing family.

Many modern homes designs were simply carbon copies of what was in vogue at the time with no consideration of architectural principles. While one can discard a garment that is no longer in fashion, its not as easy to discard a house.

The cost of many of our homes was already set by the “market” at the time. Those costs had little or nothing to do with the integrity of the building but with external factors. If you design your own home, you are more likely to end up in “Positive Equity”. Regardless of what is the market price at the time, your home will always be worth more to you than the cost.

Many of the people that contact us through the website for advice have already owned or built a house already and are starting to discover that because they had no hand, act nor part in the initial design, they were increasingly unhappy.

There are a number of online resources available trough the site. If you want to design your house online check out Design Online.

Advances in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software packages in recent years means that you can prepare detailed drawings in 2D and 3D to a professional standard with little or even no previous knowledge or training.

Good design needs to be future-proofed. Homes of the future and indeed many of those been constructed today cannot be dependent on the continued rate of depletion of the planets natural resources. Check out our Green Building section.

Over the past 10 years House Design Online have been helping very ordinary people to design their own homes. We have also been able to source professional builders and designers. Within Ireland we can arrange a complete design package for ecological construction. By working with ecological builders from the start, we are able to incorporate sustainable practices at design stage.

House Design Online provides you with access to all the resources you will need when designing you dream house.

Contact us today and we will be happy to advise you.


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